Kalaivanar & T A Mathuram

Kalaivanar and his contemporaries

Kalaivanar and Periyar

Thandhai Periyar NSK and TAM  
The relationship between Periyar and NSK was one of mutual respect and frankness. Periyar made his rightful claim in expressing his expectations in public meetings too. Periyar pinned his hopes on NSK who was consistent in his effort at demolishing the superstitions of the people through humour.

Periyar was seething with anger at the Tamilian's slavish mentality. He held NSK in high esteem because he tried to infuse dignity in Tamilians. He declared that NSK will go down in history for restoring the self-respect of every Tamilian. He felt that Kalaivanar was revolutionizing the world of story writing, song and drama through rationalism. He proclaimed that NSK was an individualist who functioned on his own terms – a great humanist who freely dispersed his earnings for the needy.

Periyar admired his ability to attract people who stood in a long queue to watch his drama and movies although he attacked their very beliefs and customs. Periyar who battled to quell superstitious practices and endeavored to spread scientific temper said that NSK was the torch bearer of rationalism and his greater service to humanity was unimaginable.

Kalaivanar and Arignar Anna

Annadurai had a deep affection for NSK. They idolized each other – it was an attachment born out of mutual admiration. “Nallathambi” was the script written by Anna to be dramatized by Kalaivanar, but wanting a wider reach and also satisfying his long time wish to direct a movie NSK decided to film the script. The result was extraordinary.

As a goodwill measure Kalaivanar gifted a car to Anna, but Anna politely denied it by stating that he was greatly indebted to him for carrying his messages so easily to every nook and corner of Tamilnadu

NSK unveiling Arignar Anna's photograph - NSK's last public function Anna opening NSK's statue in Chennai, Anna's last public function Still from the movie 'Nallathambi'

It is a rare co-incidence that NSK’s last public function was the unveiling of Anna’s photograph and Anna’s last function was the opening of NSK’s statue near Vani mahal, Chennai.

Kalaivanar and Kalaignar M Karunanidhi
Kalaignar M Karunadhi - A still from the movie Manamagal. For the first time technicians were introduced on screen Still from the movie 'Manamagal'  
Karunanidhi reminisces his first meeting with Kalaivanar in the book ‘Nenjuku Needhi’. A gradual closeness later developed into a deep attachment between them. NSK met Karunanidhi after “Mandri Kumari”. He expressed his desire that Kalaignar should pen the dialogue for his next film Manamagal, after which a light hearted banter followed regarding the payment to be made. The meeting was warm and friendly. Gradually they became close to each other that N S Krishnan insisted on Karunanidhi settling in Chennai. Many evenings were spent in happy get togethers of NSK, Karunanidhi and many other artistes in the beach – sharing thoughts, ideas and stories.

Karunanidhi had a regard for this humanist and a humorist who transformed slapstick comedy to thoughtful comedy. He admired NSK’s stoic endurance in times of trouble.

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